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Zhongshan Balin Lighting Co., Ltd. is one of the lighting brands under the US Haigelas Group Holdings Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise and a vice president unit of Guangdong Lighting Association. The company relies on the research, capital, technology and talents of the parent company. With the advantages, it has developed into a diversified enterprise integrating drive research and development, chip packaging, lighting production and sales, providing a one-stop overall solution for LED lighting engineering.

Zhongshan Balin Lighting Co., Ltd. adheres to the strategic policy of energy saving and patriotism. It has been committed to research and development of LED technology for many years, and has made independent patent technology innovation and increased investment in product research and development. Now it has dozens of invention patents and various patented product technologies. Building a revival of China's industry and creating a perfect domestic quality has always been the constant goal of Haigelas Lighting!

In recent years, the Haigelas Group has continued to grow and develop. After a short period of six years, it has achieved a series of outstanding achievements.
In 2012, we established a large business unit: the light source business unit, the power supply business unit, and the finished product business unit. We truly improved the LED production chain. We actively responded to the domestic call and used our own advantages to adhere to the market-oriented and continuously improve the comprehensive market. Competitive, and timely cater to domestic industrial upgrading

In 2014, Haigelas Group successfully signed a strategic partnership with Islamabad, Pakistan. The city is a city in Pakistan that is popular with consumers in the lighting sector and has the same industry leadership.

In 2015, Haigelas Group signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and became a strategic partner of Zhongshan University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
In 2016, Haigelas Group and the Chinese Academy of Sciences and CREE officially reached a strategic partnership and strategic technology cooperation framework agreement. In the same year, the brand of Haigelas Group: Ba Lin Lighting successfully passed the high-tech enterprise certification of Guangdong Province and obtained the certificate of high-tech enterprise. It is also one of the enterprises in the well-known lighting industry in China.
In 2017, Hyteras Group and OSRAM (Olympic) formally entered into a strategic partnership and strategic agreement.

The company has a high-quality sales team, a sound and efficient operation system and production management system. It is committed to the development and service of the leading brand market in the global lighting industry, providing customers with quality products and services. The products are exported to Europe, America, Australia, Africa. More than 100 regions in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. In the domestic market, the sales network is spread across major cities. The company pays attention to the construction and maintenance of the brand. After years of vigorous efforts, with the excellent quality, reasonable price and excellent service, it has gradually won the recognition and trust of the majority of users.

We will strive to seize market opportunities, keep pace with the times, innovate constantly, and strive to create more high-quality, novel and practical patented products, and strive to provide customers with more competitive products and professional services, towards the "LED lighting industry chief The brand" vision is constantly striving!