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What is the difference between Magnolia and Chinese lanterns?
- 2018-06-25-

With the improvement of people's overall requirements for lighting, many new urban reconstruction roads are designed using magnolia lamps and Chinese lamps, also known as landscape street lamps. Magnolia lamps and Chinese lanterns are available in a variety of styles, which can be customized at will, and have a three-dimensional shape. They can also be used in squares, parks, tourist attractions and other places. In the city's main roads and ring roads, many installations are magnolia lights and Chinese lights.

The overall height and brightness of the Zhonghua lamp is generous. Generally, there are multiple light sources with high illumination and good landscape effect. It is one of the traditional representative series. The top curved arms are stretched, and the surface paint is mostly golden yellow, which shows the royal aristocratic style of Chinese traditional civilization. The overall appearance gives people a feeling of gorgeous atmosphere.

The shape of the magnolia lamp is the appearance of magnolia, and the general lamps are installed 6 to 12. The lighting has high brightness and good landscape effect. It is atmospheric and simple. It is usually a highlight of the municipal, scenic and block areas. The appearance of the magnolia lamp is generous.

Overall, the magnolia lamp is similar in appearance to the Chinese lamp . The difference is that the light source in the magnolia lamp ball is not used for illumination. It does not need to install a high-power light source in the lamp ball. The magnolia flower is used for illumination. The four leaves underneath are inlaid with four lamps in the leaves. This hidden design is to ensure that the overall viewing of the magnolia lamp is not affected.