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What are the characteristics of the magnolia lamp?
- 2018-08-18-

As a traditional landscape lamp, Magnolia lamp is widely used in urban roads, plazas, green belts and other places. This traditional landscape light is shaped like a magnolia flower because of its shape and light source shape. It is called a magnolia lamp. It is simple and generous and unique in design, and it plays a unique effect in the city night scene. This article introduces you to the small knowledge of Magnolia lamps to help you better understand this unique lamp.

01, simple and elegant design

The landscape lamp of Magnolia has a long lamppost with six to twelve magnolia-shaped lampposts above the lamppost. This design is very simple and elegant and generous, even in the case of not turning on the lights during the day. Scenery. At night, the magnolia lights are turned on, and soft and warm yellow lights sway on both sides of the road, illuminating every corner of the city, adding a lot of style to the city's night, bringing unique and beautiful landscape effects to the city's night scene.

2, long service life

As a traditional landscape lamp, Magnolia lamp has a long service life in addition to simple and elegant design. Generally speaking, ordinary magnolia lamp post is made of steel and coated with anti-corrosive material. Certain anti-corrosion effect, the normal life of the magnolia lamp is generally more than 20 years, and the service life can be extended for a longer period of time during maintenance.

3, low price

The magnolia lamp is a widely used landscape lamp. The reason is not only the elegant design and long service life, but also its low price. The production technology of magnolia lamp is very mature, the production process is simple, and it is very early in the market. Therefore, compared with other types of landscape lights, the expansion of production scale has prompted the price of magnolia lamp to be very low, which also provides a large market share. Help.

In the night in the city, I believe that everyone has experience, and various styles of landscape lights have indeed added a lot of color to the night scene of the city. The traditional landscape lights of magnolia lamps have been very popular in the city and have become a must-have feature in the city's night scenes. The design of the magnolia lamp is simple and elegant, the life of the magnolia is very long, and the price is relatively low, which naturally wins everyone's welcome.