Abstract: Tunnel light

Tunnel light

Product Details

The led tunnel light is a special luminaire used for tunnel lighting to solve the visual "black hole effect" or "white hole effect" caused by sudden changes in brightness when the vehicle enters or exits the tunnel.
Light sources are generally used: sodium lamps, metal halide lamps sometimes use induction lamps. As a special section of a high-grade road, the tunnel will have a series of visual problems as the vehicle enters, passes through and exits the tunnel. In order to adapt to visual changes, additional electro-optic illumination is required.
Scope of application:
Tunnels, workshops, large warehouses, gas stations, venues, metallurgy and various types of factories, engineering construction, and other places.
Number of LEDs: 60×1W
Working voltage: AC220V
Power: 60W
Color: red / green / blue / white / golden / colorful lighting life: > 10000H (hours)
Lamp body material: Die-cast aluminum + tempered glass lamp body size: L435 × W220 × H70mm
Protection level: IP65

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