Window sill lamp

Window sill lamp

Product Details

The LED window sill is different from the led tunnel light , the led industrial light, etc. The LED window sill has the effect of four-sided illumination. The optical lens is used to make a 360-degree aura. When the wall position is met, the light beam can stay on the wall and make a square. Frame type light arch effect.

LED window sill lights have three large blocks - lamp beads, housing, driver, LED window sill lamp according to the number of watts you buy, the number of lamp beads and the brightness color temperature. LED window sill lamps have gradually replaced ordinary fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps. The more the LED window sill lamp production is, the lower the threshold, and many home-style small workshops have begun to assemble LED lights. These low-tech products have not been tested and certified, and are beginning to circulate in the market.
Choosing a good brand should first understand the quality of its products. First, look at the appearance.
Second, look at the light bulb.
Third, look at the number of brightness LEDs: 3 × 2W
Working voltage: AC220V
Power: 6W
Color: red / green / blue / white / golden / colorful lighting life: > 10000H (hours)
Lamp body material: Die-cast aluminum lamp body size: Φ100×H75mm
Protection level: IP65

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