The problem that the led tunnel light should be applied to the tunnel lighting
- 2018-05-23-

Led tunnel light is a kind of light-efficiency energy-saving lamp. It uses high-intensity and gas discharge lamp as light source. It has high light efficiency and long life. It can be used for multi-purpose lighting with different mirrors. It will not be dazzling if it is softened. Mesh or other uncomfortable reaction. The ballast uses overheat protection technology to ensure the service life of the lamp. Imported high-purity mirror aluminum anodized material as mirror and through precise light distribution design, power factor greater than 0.9, high reflective efficiency, good light transmission, energy saving and environmental protection.
Led tunnel light is a kind of tunnel light. It is applied to large-area floodlighting of high-power LED tunnel lighting places such as tunnels, workshops, squares, large warehouses, venues, metallurgy and various plant areas, engineering construction, etc. , billboards, building facades for landscaping lighting. Commonly used tunnel lighting fixtures are LED tunnel lights, which should pay attention to the following problems when applied to tunnel lighting:

1. Glare control. In tunnel lighting, the glare should be kept low to ensure that the driver has sufficient visibility during driving. Generally, in the tunnel illumination, high-brightness LED is used as the light source, the light distribution is uniform, the light is soft and comfortable, and the unpleasant glare phenomenon is avoided to ensure driving safety.

2, lighting uniformity. The use of LED tunnel lights in tunnel lighting requires uniform illumination. The ratio of the small brightness to the average brightness of the wall surface and the road surface below 2 m in the tunnel is uniformity. Uniform illumination helps the driver to see the road and avoid traffic accidents.

3. Eliminate the “flicker effect”. The main reason for the "flicker effect" is that due to the improper arrangement of the luminaire spacing, the brightness and the brightness of the brightness are alternately changed periodically, causing an uncomfortable feeling in the driver's line of sight. Therefore, when installing the LED tunnel light, you should pay attention to the reasonable layout, effectively plan the distance between the lamp and the lamp to avoid the "flicker effect".

4. Emergency lighting. In addition to conventional LED lighting in the tunnel, emergency lighting is essential. In the tunnel, in the event of an emergency, emergency LED lighting can provide the right amount of illumination in a very short event, so that the driver can avoid accidents. It also includes LED emergency indicators to ensure that vehicles are safely routed through the tunnel in an emergency.

5. Tunnel partition. In the long tunnel lighting design, the LED tunnel lights should be set according to different sections of the tunnel. For example, the illumination brightness in the tunnel entrance and exit section should be higher than the middle section and the transition section, so that the driver can adapt to travel from outside the tunnel to the tunnel. The discomfort caused by the inside also ensures the economy and practicality of tunnel lighting.
Energy saving in tunnel lighting is a requirement for light source, lighting, lighting methods, etc. Energy saving includes lighting design energy saving and management energy saving. Lighting design energy saving is an important energy saving measure, which includes adopting novel and reliable design concepts and reasonable. Standard values, as well as the use of high-efficiency light sources, high-efficiency lamps, increased light reflectance and lighting control energy savings. Compared with traditional light source, LED has the advantages of energy saving and stability. Therefore, based on the advantages and characteristics of LED, improving the efficiency of LED chip and reasonable light distribution design to improve the overall performance of the lamp is an important problem that LED tunnel lighting needs to solve.

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