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LED point light source for exterior wall decoration experts
- 2018-07-28-

LED point light source is colorful and colorful, and it is an indispensable part of outdoor lighting project.

The product is divided into two functions: monochrome LED internal control and RGB colorful external control to meet different customer's effect requirements. The voltage is DC12V or 24V safe voltage.

Monochrome LED internal control point light source: white light, warm light, yellow light, blue light, green light, red light optional;

RGB colorful external control point light source: can display monochrome, colorful, gradient, jump, running water, marquee, can form the display effect, can display image text, etc., lamp protection level: IP65

Point light source applicable places: large buildings, outlines of bridges, outline decoration of outdoor lighting projects;

OW04 series LED point light source product description

OW04 series LED point light source body adopts anti-UV material lamp cover, aluminum alloy

The cover is used to ensure the life of the lamp; the lamp body is small and easy to install, and a variety of light colors are available.


● A variety of light color changes, flexible control options.

●Using CREE 5050 light source, uniform light, with unique UV resistant lampshade and

The aluminum alloy cover creates a good visual effect.

● DMX512 control, which satisfies RGB conversion and can achieve different color effects.

Point light source manufacturers' application range: building outline / amusement park / billboard / square street / stage / entertainment venue / bar