Solar led street light maintenance and battery components
- 2018-05-23-

The solar led street light uses solar radiation energy as energy. During the day, solar panels are used to convert solar energy to charge the battery. At night, the battery is used for power supply illumination of the LED light source. No complicated and expensive pipelines are required, and the layout of the lamps can be adjusted arbitrarily, safely, energy-saving and pollution-free. No need for manual operation, stable and reliable, saving electricity and maintenance-free.
Applicable places: urban roads, sidewalks, squares, schools, parks, courtyards, residential areas, factories and other places where outdoor lighting is required

After the solar led street lamp is installed for a certain period of time, the battery controller and other products need to be replaced. The battery has a cycle life. Generally, the solar street lamp with reasonable configuration can be used for 5 years. Some projects are bidding or are very low-priced products. The funds are limited, so the quality and configuration of the products may be very low, so it will not be used normally in 1 to 2 years, and some manufacturers do not have to sell the money in order to make money. Therefore, to turn on the lights, you need to find another solar street lamp manufacturer. Maintenance and repair.
Generally speaking, the LED solar street lamp brand needs to be replaced by the controller and the battery. However, some lamps are installed earlier and the power of the light source is relatively large. Therefore, the battery to be replaced is also relatively large, and the light source has low efficiency and large loss. Changing a battery and controller is more expensive than a new system, so at this time we recommend that the customer change the light source (the light efficiency of the LED light source is greatly improved compared with the previous few days, the original 30W light source, currently using 15W It can be replaced. Of course, the high-power LED lamp bead lumens exported by regular solar street lamp manufacturers are in the range of 150 to 160 lumens. At present, the spotlights on the market are relatively low in light efficiency, but the price is low. After the replacement, the system is more stable and the price is not increased, and the lighting is improved.
Solar cell modules are now mostly made of crystalline silicon, have a good low-light detection system, and comply with IEC61215 and electrical protection level two standards. The surface of the solar cell module uses a reflective film and a highly transparent glass design, which greatly improves the solar cell module's ability to receive light energy and increases the amount of electrical energy conversion.
The surrounding frame of the solar integrated street lamp has corresponding holes on both sides, which can be easily installed into the corresponding system structure. The battery pack usually has a standard MC connector and a one-meter cable. There are three diodes in the junction box, which effectively reduces the power loss of the system inside the solar module.
Solar street light repair
1, the problem of the battery. If the lighting time is short, the battery storage energy drops, causing rainy weather, and the lighting time is short, that is the battery problem, the battery should be replaced.
2 LED light source problem. The solar street lamp bead is not fully lit. In addition to the quality problem of the LED light source itself, it is a soldering problem. It should be replaced in time to replace the lamp bead or to solder the lamp bead or replace the lamp cap more directly.
3 Installation site issues. In places where solar street lights are installed, the sun is not enough to light, and it is also a problem to store batteries. Solar street lighting systems suitable for such locations should be identified to meet lighting needs.
4 line problem. Poor line connection, battery feed, reduced energy storage, will cause the light to flash. It should be replaced or repaired in a timely manner.
5 What is the problem when the whole lamp is not lit? First, first check if the controller is in the water. If it is not the problem of the controller, it is measuring whether the battery has voltage, whether the voltage is lower than 10.8v, if not, then Then look at the battery board for voltage, if there is no voltage, change the battery board.